Changing Minecraft Working Directory

In some cases, you may need to completely change the root folder (the working directory) that Minecraft uses — this is now possible with the new launcher.


  1. Right click on Minecraft.exe or Minecraft.jar (the launcher) and press "Create Shortcut".
  2. Right click on the new shortcut that gets generated and press "Properties".
  3. At the end of the 'Target' bar, add the following: --workDir {the new working directory}, such as %ProgramData%\.minecraft
    For example, if your new working directory is %ProgramData%\.minecraft, the window should look like this:
  4. Press 'OK' and then run the shortcut, and Minecraft should launch.

Note: If you should ever need to move the actual Minecraft.exe file (not the shortcut), you will have to follow these instructions again.

Mac OSX and Linux

Create a terminal script that launches Minecraft.jar with the --workDir parameter, to a destination that does not contain special characters in it. For example: open ~/unsafe/path/to/Minecraft.jar --workDir {the new working directory}