#minecrafthelp rules

BY JOINING #MINECRAFTHELP, YOU AGREE TO BE BOUND BY THESE RULES AND POLICIES! Failure to read these rules is not an excuse to disobey them; The rules still apply even if you were not responsible enough to read them!

Don't ask to ask. Just ask! Speak in the channel so everyone can help you. If you wish to discuss sensitive issues such as passwords via private message (or query), please ask the intended recipient for permission first. We prefer to assist in a public manner so that everyone can benefit from an answer to a question they may not yet have.

#minecrafthelp best helps those who help themselves. If we send you to a web site (e. g. a driver download page) and tell you to follow its directions, then do so. We find selective literacy to be both frustrating to everyone and an anathema to communication. Help us help you help us help us all.

The purpose of this channel is help with the official Minecraft and Minecraft Server software. Official helpers will have voice (+) status. Channel Managers and/or Mojang employees will have operator (@) status. Anyone is invited to help others, and idling is welcome.

As we are a community of volunteers, we cannot necessarily have our attention fully on #minecrafthelp all of the time. Some of us are at work or school, and others might actually be playing Minecraft. Please be patient after asking a question; it will be seen and answered eventually.



Note, most of these rules are simply common sense; If you think you shouldn't say it, don't!

  1. Be excellent to each other.
  2. Do not talk about anything which is illegal in the United States of America or would violate the Terms of Use of any software or service.
  3. Spamming, phishing, flooding, insulting, trolling, and deliberately giving bad technical advice are forbidden.
  4. Keep it civil - this is not an action movie. Additionally, any excessive use of memes or inside jokes is forbidden.
  5. Do not impersonate others. You will be reported to EsperNet staff.
  6. Disruptive bots or scripts are absolutely forbidden. Exceptions are limited and will likely not be made for you or your bot. This includes "Now playing" and "Away/Back" announcement scripts.
  7. If you have been kicked from the channel and are using an auto-rejoin script or setting in your IRC client, you may be temporarily banned.
  8. The use of harassing language, slurs, excessive obscenity, and invectives including but not limited to genetic or cultural heritage, creed, sexual preference, or country of origin will not be tolerated.
  9. Unsolicited advertisements are not permitted. This includes hosting services, IRC channels, web sites, and yak-shaving services.
  10. These rules are subject to change.

General policies: