Using WhatIsHang to Debug Hangs

Using WhatIsHang to debug application hangs

WhatIsHang is a program by NirSoft that helps to debug "hangs" or unexpected freezes that can occur in Windows programs. If Minecraft suddenly stops responding for an unknown reason, the program can be used to understand where the hang occurred and what caused it.

Getting started

To get started, first you need to do the following:

  • Find the Java architecture you are currently using (x64 or x86).
  • Know how to reproduce an application hang, (i.e. know how to make Minecraft freeze)
  • Download the appropriate version of WhatIsHang from the downloads page here, links are at the bottom of the page.

Running the program

After you have downloaded the .ZIP, extract the data to a folder.

This article assumes that you have prior knowledge of opening archives - if not, there are many guides out there.

Open the folder of which you extracted the data to, and run the program 'WhatIsHang.exe'.

You should get a similar interface like this:

WhatIsHang UI

Using the program

After you have ran WhatIsHang, you should then run Minecraft or whatever that was freezing again.

Wait for the game to freeze, and when it does, a new item should pop up in WhatIsHang.

It should look like this:

WhatIsHang item found

If you click on the item ('Minecraft 1.7.4' in the screenshot) and press F9, you should get a log generated which should look similar to this:

WhatIsHang item details

If you get two events, and one of them returns "Access Denied", then try the other event; otherwise copy the entire log generated and share it with whom is assisting you.