Reinstalling Minecraft

Reinstalling Minecraft

In order to reinstall Minecraft, follow these instructions based on your OS, keep in mind that this will not delete your current saves, or worlds.


To reinstall Minecraft on Windows, follow these instructions.

  • Press your Windows and R keys, to bring up the "run" dialogue
  • In the prompt, type in, %AppData%\.minecraft
  • Delete everything except the saves folder

To reinstall Minecraft on Mac, first locate a program called "Terminal", Which can be found by opening Finder and browsing to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal

  • Open a terminal window
  • Type in the terminal:  mcd=\~/Library/Application\ Support/minecraft && mv $mcd\/saves ~/temp/saves && rm -fr $mcd\/* && mv ~/temp/saves/ $mcd

To reinstall Minecraft on Linux, follow these instructions

  • Open a terminal window
  • Type in  mcd=\~/.minecraft && mv $mcd\/saves ~/temp/saves && rm -fr $mcd\/* && mv ~/temp/saves/ $mcd

Once you restart your client, the game will automatically reinstall the necessary files.