Changing Game Directory

Changing the Game directory

Occasionally, you may need to change where the game stores it's data, such as saves, servers and resource packs — the new launcher makes this easy.

Changing the directory

First, launch Minecraft and login to the launcher.

You should see an option at the lower right stating "New Profile," press it as seen below:

Minecraft Launcher new profile button

Then, after you press it, a new window should open up with multiple options, including the "Profile Name" and the "Game directory," as seen below:

Minecraft Launcher new profile screen

You can set the "Profile Name" to anything you want.

For "Game directory," you must specify where you want the game to store it's data in. It can be anywhere that the launcher has permission to edit.

In the image below, we set the directory to "C:\ProgramData\.minecraft"; once you are done with this, simply press "Save Profile".

Minecraft launcher new profile save

Afterwards, from the dropdown, choose the new profile you made.

Minecraft launcher switch profile

Then, you're done!

Simply Play, and the game will now store data in the place you specified.