Failed to Load Player Skull

Failed to load player skull

This error is caused by a failure to load an invalid player skull inwhich contains an invalid player profile.

What causes this error

This error is caused by failure to load a player skull. Specifically, there is a failure that occurs while loading the profile of the specified player.

This is due to an invalid profile ID given, causing the game to fault trying to load the block.

How to fix this error

If you are a player, please notify the server administrators of this error, and or provide a link to this article for further reference.

If you are a server administrator, please ensure that you have done an inspection to check that you are not running any modifications to the game which may use player skulls in such a way.

Alongside, you should contact the appropriate parties of your server modifications if you are using any.

If your question was not answered here, or for further support please contact our technical support resources.