Error Chatting or Joining Servers

Crash on Chatting or Joining Servers

This is a former problem with Bukkit servers, when the client and the server communicate in a bizarre way, which causes a crash when chatting on (or sometimes even joining) the server.

This has since been resolved by the Bukkit Team.

Solving this issue

If you have crashed attempting to join a server:

  • There is nothing Mojang can do to fix this bug, but for the meantime please play on official Minecraft un-modded servers.

If you have crashed while attempting to chat on a server:

  • If you have chat messages disabled, you must enable them by pressing Escape, going to "Options", then click "Multiplayer Settings", then change "Chat" to be "Shown".
  • If this does not solve your issue, please read the above.

MC-20163 - Crash when joining or chatting on a modded server