Keyboard Control Out of Bound

Keyboard control out of bound

This error can usually caused by having an invalid control configurations. Common occurrences can be resolved by resetting your Minecraft options to default.

Resetting your Minecraft settings to default
NOTE: This assumes that Minecraft is running from it's default directory!

Windows -

Press the Windows + R keys, to bring up a Run dialogue. In Run, type in: %AppData%\.minecraft, and hit enter. This should bring up your Minecraft folder, where the game store's it's content. Look for a file called "options.txt", and delete it.

Mac -

In Finder, press ⌘ + Shift + G . This should present you with a "Go to folder" dialogue. In it, input:  ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft, and hit go. This should bring you to your Minecraft directory, look for a file called "options.txt", and drag it to the trash.

Linux -

Delete ~/.minecraft/options.txt.

After you have done the above, restart Minecraft and the settings will be regenerated to default.

Still not working?

If the above guide did not solve your issue, you may want to see this more general guide.