Getting Development Console

Getting Development Console Output

You may need to get the development console output for many reasons, the follwing is a guide to do so.

All Platforms

Minecraft has multiple dev consoles as of version (unknown). The first one, labeled Launcher Log refers to the launcher and its launching. Anything that occurs before pressing play probably concerns this log. After pressing play, the game will make a new tab for that session, called Game Output (username). The rightmost tab will be the most recent.

When you've selected the correct log, click in the box and use Command (⌘) + A or Control + A. If your using this in an IRC channel like #minecrafthelp, you should use a service like to shorten it. If your using this for the Mojang Bug Tracker (Mojira), you should enclose your log in {code} brackets.

This image shows the Launcher Logwhich should be used for launcher issues (before pressing play)

Launcher Log

This image shows theGame Output (username), which should be used for gameplay related issues

Session Log