Failed to Load Scoreboard

Failed to load scoreboard

This error is caused by an error with loaded a scoreboard, in-which the server returns data to the client which is invalid, causing it to crash.

What causes this

This error has only been reproduced on modded servers, specifically in majority those who are running the "Spigot" server-modification.

This error is caused by invalid scoreboard data, which is sent by the server. While actual places where the crash happened may vary, it is directly related to the issue of "removing a player from a team" or "removing a scoreboard objective".

How to fix this

Due to the nature of this error, there is no specific fix to this issue.

If you are a player trying to play on a server, please let the server administrators know of this error, and or provide a link to this article for reference.

If you are the server administrator, then please ensure that you are running the latest build(s) of your server, and/or any other "add-ons" or "plugins" to your server. As this error pertains to scoreboards, the following criteria of modifications are affected: the use of visible scoreboards, the use of scoreboards to customize player team name-tags, the use of scoreboards to keep track of objectives.

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