Failed to Identify the File System

Failed to identify the file system

This error is usually caused by a problem with your system and isn't related to the game itself.

If you are receiving this error, you should check your hard drive for errors.

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable#1

This error is caused when the game tries to modify a file on the system, but failed to do so as the system it's self reports that the operation failed, as hence the name of the error—is corrupt and unreadable.

As such, the error is not due to the actual game, rather the system it's self, making there no actual "fix". It is advisable that you run a Hard Disk scan, to check for possible errors pertaining to the error.

For further assistance, please contact a local computer professional to help troubleshoot Hard Disk issues.

The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable#2

This error is caused when the drive that the game is trying to use, is unreadable and corrupt.

Most likely, you're trying to run the game from somewhere that you shouldn't be, i.e. corrupt, malfunctioning thumb drives, external media devices.

Due to the nature of this error, you may simply have changed an invalid setting somewhere, otherwise may or may not result in being required to be reformatted. 

If you are on Windows, run a Hard Disk scan, to help identify the possible causes of this error.

If that was unsuccessful, and or does not apply to you, take your computer to a computer professional for further assistance on repairing your hard disk.