Hopper Articles

Article Name Last Updated
1.8 Invalid Data Sent by Server
Could Not Create Game Directory
Driver Compatibility
Exception Generating New Chunk
Failed to Identify the File System
Failed to Load Scoreboard
Failed to Ping Server
Failed to Unpack Natives: Socket Read Timed Out
Getting Development Console
Keyboard Control Out of Bound
Modded Minecraft
No Space Left on Device
Outdated Java
Required File Already in Use
Stack Overflow Error
Streaming to Twitch in Minecraft
The Requested Operation Cannot be Performed on a File with a User-Mapped Section Open
Unable to Fit Texture
Windows 7 Dxdiag
Windows 8 - Dxdiag
Installing AMD Drivers Using Device Manager
Installing Intel Drivers Using Device Manager
Changing Java Version
Changing Game Directory
Changing Work Directory
Finding Minecraft's Data Folder
Getting Minecraft Logs
Installing Java
Reinstalling Java
Reinstalling Minecraft
Running SFC Scan
Using WhatIsHang to Debug Hangs
Verifying Account is Paid
Exit Codes
Intel 4 Series 965 Chipset
What is Advanced OpenGL
Windows 10
Checking Compatibility For Windows 10
Compatibility on Windows 10
Debug Crash
Error Chatting or Joining Servers
Exit Code -1073740777
Exit Code -107374181
Exit Code -2147483645
Exit Code -805306369
Exit Code 134
Exit Code 139
Exit Code 255
Failed to Check Session Lock
Failed to Initialize Audio Client
Failed to Load Player Skull
Incompatible Class Change Error
Internet Crash on AT&T 2Wire
java.net.SocketException: Unrecognized Windows Socket Error 87
org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Pixel Format Not Accelerated
System Hang Caused by Launcher
Knowledge Base
LoadLibrary Error 126
Modifier Name Cannot be Empty
Out of Bounds
Out of Memory
Pixel Format Not Accelerated
Special Characters
Support Index
Technical Support Resources
Using the Event Viewer